Your Brand with Alana

100% Response rate

Rate and answer all comments, mentions and relationship opportunities that people seek with your Brand.

Instant-Response Time

Don't let people waiting for a response from your Brand. Answer everything in just one second, if you want.

The best quality response

The best answers - with superior quality to human - and respecting the tone of your Brand's voice.

Automatic flow of responses

With high-quality contextual analysis, the response flow is automatic and has superhuman

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What your Brand can do with Alana Reply

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Reply comments and mentions automatically

Alana Reply can collect, classify and respond in a personalized and automatic way to users of your Brand on topics such as CS, engagement and sales

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Automatic Comment Moderation

By classifying and moderating all comments, mentions, and users of the universe of your Brand, the Alana can hide, delete, direct or even ban subjects that violate your terms of use.

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Private and concurrent responses from your manual team

Where necessary, the Alana can provide a public response and a different private response, evaluating each case. It can also trigger the service team, in cases where it is unable to meet automatically.

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Creative conversation targeting

The Alana makes comments on topics. related to the post, creating new threads of matters relevant to your Brand, keeping the community engaged.

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Channels supported by Alana

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Examples of actual responses from Alana Reply

Why Alana?

Plug'n Play

Deploy Alana in a few hours. If you need help, do a free assisted deployment.

SaaS, not a development platform

Sort datasets, create AI templates, create streams, months of implementation... None of this exists in Alana! The solution is SaaS and you use it to leverage your Brand, not to play to develop AI.

Guaranteed Quality in contract

Alana has quality-SLA, which means, it either has the hired accuracy, or you can request your money back.

Unlimited Volumetry

Never worry about the volume of comments, mentions with AI dialogues. Alana has unlimited volumetry in all plans and on all platforms.

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