Your Brand with Alana

Your Site and application with Artificial intelligence

Automatic optimization of your content, offers, and campaigns from artificial intelligence that is embedded in your site and application

Auto Personalization

Texts, colors, images, links, among other items, are automatically customized so that each user receives the best notification at every moment.

Continuous learning

In real time, your Brand learns and optimizes the experience of its users, from the continuous learning of Alana.

Personalization for each visitor

With an automatic flow and optimized by artificial intelligence, each visitor receives personalized notifications that increase conversion and positive feedback.

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What your Brand can do with Alana Notifications

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Automatic generation of offers and texts

From the tone of voice and Brand content, smart notifications are generated for each visitor seeking to assist in sales, CSR or engagement.

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Automatic targeting of audiences

From a real-time historical and predictive analysis of the origin of each visitor, your goals, profile and what you're looking for on your site or app at every moment, your audience is automatically segmented.

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Automatic A/B and multivariate test

Everything is tested all the time to optimize the results for your Brand. Automatically generated complex tests are validated and applied to different audiences of your site or application.

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Smart notifications with different objectives and formats

There are several types of notifications to generate sales, capture emails, increase audience of content, collect feedback, and more. All real-time optimized by A.I.

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Channels supported by Alana Notifications

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Why Alana?

Plug'n Play

Deploy Alana in a few hours. If you need help, do a free assisted deployment.

SaaS, not a development platform

Sort datasets, create AI templates, create streams, months of implementation... None of this exists in Alana! The solution is SaaS and you use it to leverage your Brand, not to play to develop AI.

Guaranteed Quality in contract

Alana has quality-SLA, which means, it either has the hired accuracy, or you can request your money back.

Unlimited Volumetry

Never worry about the volume of comments, mentions with AI dialogues. Alana has unlimited volumetry in all plans and on all platforms.

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