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Automatic and manual replies simultaneously

Alana Chatbot and humans work very well together. It potentializes what the manual team can do and the manual team when acting, is automatically improving it.

100% automatic and with human context

It uses context and automatic knowledge learned in real time with humans rather than the fixed rules of traditional chatbots that do not work.

The best quality response

The best answers with superior quality of traditional chatbots, respecting the tone of your Brand's voice.

Total automation of service

In its Plug and Play intelligence model, the flow is automatic, and quality guaranteed, making conversations dynamic and positive feedback from users.

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What your Brand can do with Alana Chatbot

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Assertive and automatic conversations

From your Brand's history and tone of voice, the Alana can in a personalized way, have complex dialogues on topics such as CSR, engagement, and sales.

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Copilot mode

In a complex conversation, the Alana can direct the message so that a manual team can act simultaneously in real-time, or turn it into a ticket for later manual assistance.

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Proactive content and sales campaigns

Audiences are automatically segmented and opt-in, receiving diverse campaigns of content, sales, or proactive service.

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Public feedback Collection and NPS

At various times, the Alana captures feedback from the Brand's audience, analyzing items such as NPS, product satisfaction score, purchasing or campaigns.

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Channels supported by Alana Chatbot

channels-chatbot channels-chatbot + email, websites and apps

Why Alana?

Plug'n Play

Deploy Alana in a few hours. If you need help, do a free assisted deployment.

SaaS, not a development platform

Sort datasets, create AI templates, create streams, months of implementation... None of this exists in Alana! The solution is SaaS and you use it to leverage your Brand, not to play to develop AI.

Guaranteed Quality in contract

Alana has quality-SLA, which means, it either has the hired accuracy, or you can request your money back.

Unlimited Volumetry

Never worry about the volume of comments, mentions with AI dialogues. Alana has unlimited volumetry in all plans and on all platforms.

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