Your Brand with Alana

Automatic campaign orchestration

Relationship rules, message sequences, audience segmentation, firing times, among other items, are optimized in real time by Artificial intelligence.

Organic results

Generate tangible results, mainly in the increase of organic reach and clicks rate on organic basis, in addition to the decrease in the cost of paid media to reach the base of the Brand itself.

Management of assets for multiple platforms

Your team no longer has to access dozens of tools to make posts, shoot e-mails or run isolated campaigns.

Intelligent flow of publications

Synchronized in real time with your asset creations, all publications are dynamic and continuously optimized without manual interference.

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What your Brand can do with Alana Broadcast

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Increased reach and organic clicks

Decrease Paid Media dependency on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter by increasing your organic results, such as reach, interactions, and clicks on organic actions.

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Automatic orchestration of organic actions

Drip campaigns and sequences are automatically organized and optimized according to Smart slicings of your base's organic audiences.

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Optimization of posts

Automatic text generation, time optimization, segmentation, and A/B tests are performed to optimize the organic results of the Brand

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Multiple Unified channels

Management of campaigns in social networks, on various platforms such as e-mail, SMS and Push and even orchestration of other tools. All in a single place to optimize the results.

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Channels supported by Alana Broadcast

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Why Alana?

Plug'n Play

Deploy Alana in a few hours. If you need help, do a free assisted deployment.

SaaS, not a development platform

Sort datasets, create AI templates, create streams, months of implementation... None of this exists in Alana! The solution is SaaS and you use it to leverage your Brand, not to play to develop AI.

Guaranteed Quality in contract

Alana has quality-SLA, which means, it either has the hired accuracy, or you can request your money back.

Unlimited Volumetry

Never worry about the volume of comments, mentions with AI dialogues. Alana has unlimited volumetry in all plans and on all platforms.

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